Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Thing 23

I did it!!! i don't know how much of this I will continue to use. Some of the sites i found to be really helpful and will use in the summer & winter reading programs. Del icio us was great. I love being able to access my bookmarks from any computer. The Big Hugs and toon do sites were a blast. Those I will probably use a lot more often. I hope everyone who is doing this project gets something useful out of it. I realize that not all of those who are participating will be able to have the time to do a lot of these after we are finished, but some of them could make life a little easier.

Thing 22

This was for the most part a lot of fun. Some of the sites i will be using to create different things for Summer Reading. The trading cards and certificates look like they could really work out nice. I want to continue to do the blogg and add more things when I come across them. Some of the other sites we looked at I am already a part of like flicker, and I use Im and text messinging pretty much everyday. For me it is any easy way to keep in touch with my kids. At least then I know I can get information to them even though they are seldom at home.

Thing 21

I did go onto NING and tried to get the badge to dowload, but it would not work. When I try tp paste it to my blog, it gives me an error. Can anyone tell me how to get this to work?

Thing 20 Myspace

I don't see how this is really usefull for us. For one, you need to have the staff and time available to set up sites like this as well as maintain them. Some of the aspects could be usefull such as a book list of new items, or upcoming events. I can see it might work better at a bigger library, where they have the staff to do this, but in a small library, it just is not practical.

Thing 20 Facebook

This one I did just because it was one of the requirements. I personally do NOT like these social network sites. They are too open to everyone. I don't feel comfortable letting people see what I am doing all of the time. I prefer to use e-mail and IM to talk to my freinds.


I used yahoo for finding a podcast. It is really easy to use and it is one I am familiar with. I choose this cast because I like Alice Cooper. They didn't have the song I wanted, but this one will work too.